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Short Laughs Comedy 2 – 2024

The 2nd of two programmes of clever off-kilter selections of comedy shorts from home & across the world.

Screening: Sat 27 Jan, 9pm | Runtime: 116 mins | Classification: under 15 yrs to be w/adult

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  • Spoon

    To escape your everyday life it’s simple. You will need: A ladder, and a spoon.

  • Favourites

    Two parents face an impossible choice when their family camping trip turns deadly.
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  • Cantata

    Darren needs help. His fears and anxieties are manifesting themselves in the most unusual of ways- through the medium of opera. He visits his therapist to find a quick solution, but sometimes restoring harmony is about facing the music.

  • Arnold: The Unreal Story

    In 1979, a young bodybuilder named Arnold dreams of becoming the biggest movie star of all time. Arnold’s agent warns him that his unique body and unusual accent are an obstacle to movie stardom, as is his near unpronounceable name… In a journey filled with sceptical agents, wide-eyed producers, and flamboyant acting teachers, Arnold remains recklessly determined, even as he struggles to find his true self as an actor. Will he give up on his dream, or will he find the courage to be himself and fight for what he believes in? Find out in this hilarious and heart-warming comedic pastiche about one of the greatest icons of the silver screen.


  • Room For One More

    When an entire house collapses on him, Alex realises he’s close to death. Will he use his final moments to reconnect with loved ones? Or will he go all-in on pitching his brilliant short film idea to old friend Bruno?

  • Martingale

    Océane has finally found a job for the summer and with it, the martingale to make the ideal man fall from the sky.

  • Linda 4 Ever

    An angst-riddled teenager tries to survive a day at the beach with her friends.


  • Duplicata

    Alban, an ordinary thirty-something, starts his new job at a company. He discovers that the copy room is a magical place: all objects that fall to the floor duplicate themselves. What he doesn’t know is that nothing is lost, nothing is created… everything transforms!


  • Just Alright

    Dan is desperate for a fresh start, but when his former housemate, Scott, moves into his new unit uninvited and befriends a dead salmon he dubs ‘Craig’, solitude seems like an impossible dream. While Scott and Craig’s friendship flourishes, the salmon destroys Dan’s way of life, and he has no choice but to take matters into his own hands.

  • Good Luck

    The Ministry of Happiness presents its very first induction video for newborns. This introduction to life is mandatory viewing. We thank you for watching.

  • Linda

    Linda gets a job in a post office, but her tall tales soon raise suspicions.