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Short Laughs Comedy – 2016 Tour

Chortle your way through a hilariously off-kilter selection of funny shorts.

PROGRAMME NOTES: Additional Films
ONO will screen at start of Short Laughs Comedy (in Perth)

Screening: 2016 Tour | Running time: 94 mins | Classification: under 15 years to be w/adult

  • Slingshot

    Frankie is a 10 year-old kid on summer vacation at a run-down trailer park. When Tayla, a 10 year-old girl, shows a romantic interest, Frankie’s holiday becomes a whole lot more complicated. Slingshot is an amusing analogy on modern love told through the eyes of one of its latest victims.

  • Noddy

    The Prime Minister’s personal Noddy becomes so good at blending into the background he finds himself disappearing from everyday life.

  • Apprentice Of The Year

    When a builder takes advantage of his apprentice, he finds out the hard way to never underestimate anyone.

  • Love Is Blind

    Love is Blind finds Alice in the passionate embrace of a young lover, as she finally succumbs to temptation. When her husband James returns home early to try and make amends for his recent infidelity and inattention for their marriage, Alice finds herself in the midst of an emotional minefield. Racked with guilt for being unfaithful just as James offers an olive branch, while simultaneously negotiating her lover’s escape.

  • The Right Person For The Job

    John, a middle-aged professional recently laid off due to downsizing, nervously awaits his first appointment at a job interview center, and has the luck of drawing the interviewer from Hell… Revenge, when it comes, is so sweet!

  • Satan Has a Bushy Tail

    Satan Has a Bushy Tail is a wickedly fun, charming buddy comedy about grandparents, bereavement & a demonic squirrel.

  • Cherry Cake

    Set in the heart of rural England, Cherry Cake explores a brief moment in the life of angelic 86 year-old Ingrid. Whatever your reaction to this surprising and quirky film, you will never look at your grandmother in the same light again.


  • Setting Them Straight

    Joshua has arrived at his parent’s house with some delicate news. It’s not as if they weren’t loving and accepting parents, it’s just that they’ve been a little too understanding of Joshua’s homosexuality, and now they might actually like him better because of it. The problem: Joshua isn’t actually gay.

  • Herman the German

    Herman is one of the most experienced bomb defusers in Germany. During a medical examination, Herman learns that he suffers from the rare Kahnawake syndrome, which causes him to be inured to the emotion of fear.

  • Halfbeard

    Gavin is a comedy actor who wants to be taken seriously. That’s why he’s grown a beard. Now Gavin is about to make the crossover into drama. But first he needs to find a razor…

  • Nulla Nulla

    Fresh out of the academy, White Cop experiences his first taste of Aboriginal community life, as Black Cop puts him to the test.