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Best Of Australian 1 – 2019

The 1st of seven programmes featuring the best of Australian short films in competition.

Our home-grown talent battle it out for the prestigious Academy® accredited award for Best Australian Short Film.

Screening: Sat 12 Jan, 6.30pm | Runtime: 110 min | Classification: under 15 to be w/adult

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  • A Low Hum

    Girl meets boy meets autonomous drone. A love story for the digital age that asks if technology brings us together or pushes us apart.

  • An Act of Love

    The intimate connection between identical twins May and June is tested when one attempts to step beyond their shared identity.
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  • Shiloh

    In a moment of desperation and despair, Shiloh travels back in time to save her mother’s life. What will changing the course of history for her mother do to her own future?

  • All These Creatures

    An adolescent boy attempts to untangle his memories of a mysterious infestation, the unravelling of his father, and the little creatures inside us all.
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  • Peepin

    Dorian is on her own playing wall ball when she discovers a hole in the wall that reveals a public hook up spot. She runs to show the school’s popular girls Kimmy K and Jae Lee her new discovery to potentially make a friend.

  • Perisher

    A teenage girl, a middle aged man and a retired racehorse confront their uncertain futures in a forgotten town.

  • Ritual

    For the Devlin family God is everything. When their eldest daughter disappears from their remote farm, the local cop sent to investigate is disturbed by what he uncovers.
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  • Yulubidyi – Until the End

    A young Aboriginal man, Jarman, is tasked with protecting his younger disabled brother from life in a harsh remote community. His father, Thunder, wants him to become the leader of the tribe and mocks any weakness in him.

  • 6ATE7

    Tim, putting the final touches on his ‘Vol 7 – Songs for and about Em’ CD mix (his annual anniversary gift to the love of his life), joyfully discovers a letter from Emma’s gynaecologist. It can only mean the good news that she is pregnant – something they have been trying to do for a long time. Playful banter quickly descends into harsh accusations as they dance around each other, searching for the truth, seemingly too ugly to bear. Alone, Tim comes upon a mother and son and in their interaction, realises what Emma had really done. What appeared to be betrayal was, in truth, the highest love and greatest sacrifice.

  • Commander Sam

    Sam and Neil are astronauts, and their world is surrounded by space inspired creations. Sam spends her night in a spaceship forged from her father’s work van who works night construction, but after a dangerous close encounter, their relationship is challenged.