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Best Of Documentary 2 – 2018

The 2nd of two programmes featuring the best of International & Australian Documentary short films in competition.

International & Australian filmmakers battle it out for the prestigious Academy® accredited award for Best Documentary Short Film.

Screening: Tue 16 Jan, 6.30pm | Duration: 110 min | Classification: under 15 yrs to be w/adult

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  • Deighties

    Having lost his wife 18 months earlier, octogenarian Phil decides that he no longer wishes to be alone anymore and to embark on a quest to find new love.

  • The Driver Is Red

    The Driver is Red tells the captivating true story of Zvi Aharoni and the Israeli secret service team that brought down one of the most powerful Nazis on the run.

  • Euphoria

    An experienced pet breeder introduces a young girl into the world of pet shows. In spite of the utter competition in this milieu, the women try to form a friendship.

  • Kayayo, The Living Shopping Baskets

    This documentary is about Bamunu, an 8-year old girl who hasn’t seen her family since she was sent away from home two years ago to work as a Kayayo (girl-carrier) to support her family.

  • Little Potato

    An autobiographical short about a boy growing up gay in the Soviet Union, his mail-order-bride Mum and their adventurous escape to America.

  • After Life

    An enthralling look inside the hidden world of a New Zealand funeral home, After Life explores a unique, enigmatic institution, following the men and women who work with the dead and the delicate ritual of the body’s preparation for its final journey.

  • One Shot

    One Shot is about Muhumuza whose family travelled from Uganda to Australia as refugees. It tells the story of how this humble young man became the 10 Years National Shot-Put Champion with the support of his local community.