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FlickerUp 2017

The finalists short films in our National Schools competition for Primary & Secondary School students or Filmmakers under Eighteen Years of age.

Screening: Sat 14 Jan, 2pm | Duration: 111 min | Classification: Open all ages

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  • Lost

    A young boy gets transported to an alternative universe and has to get home…but there’s a twist.
    NOTE: This film contains strobe effects.

  • Grandma’s Gift

    Jasmine Hanson’s Grandma is very special. They do lots of different things together. On the shelf in Grandma’s apartment sits a pink dotted box whose contents had remained a mystery to Jasmine. Will Jasmine ever find out what is inside the box?

  • The Genie

    When a boy learns how to become a genie – he makes sure to get everyone’s wishes wrong!

  • I Love Words

    A visual poem about the love of words.

  • Bad Hair Day

    Failed inventor Charlie’s attempt at creating the most fabulous shampoo goes horribly wrong – will she find a cure, or will every day become a ‘Bad Hair Day’?

  • 1970

    A young man visiting his girlfriend at school just before he is conscripted to Vietnam shows that sometimes the smallest moments have the greatest significance.

  • Tattoo: The Life and Times of a Temporary Tattoo Artist

    Dave Payne has a passion – he is a Temporary Tattoo Artist. When he becomes aware of a temporary tattoo competition, he and his assistant Lenny practise their skills on some interesting clients before the big day. When that day comes, however, all does not go according to plan…

  • Google Maps – The Australian Co-Inventor, Noel Gordon

    Most Australians don’t know that the most widely used mapping service in the world was actually invented in Australia. Discover the life story of the inventor of Google Maps.

  • What If?

    An ocean of plastic is possible: can we counteract this in time?

  • Through My Eyes

    A short documentary that explores the life of Thomas Anderson, a Year 12 College Captain who has Retinitis Pigmentosa and is legally blind.

  • Journey

    An astronaut finds himself lost in space, and he soon comes across another in a similar predicament. They then join forces and journey across the universe in an attempt to ‘Find Home’.

  • Pants on Fire

    A documentary exploring the sociology and psychology of lying, as well as the tips and tricks to spotting a liar in the act.

  • Daydream

    Growing-up is very two sided; a rosy world of adventure and fun where there is always someone to look out for you and there is so many new things to discover, and the difficult world of dodging obstacles and finding your independence as journeying through adolescence can be challenging and confronting.

  • Homeward Bound

    Trapped in the notoriously treacherous mud in the Battle of Passchendaele, a young WW1 soldier recalls his past in a vain attempt to reforge the choices that got him there.

  • Birds Nest

    Birds Nest is a stop motion animation about a girl who is teased by her school friends.

  • Aussie Land

    A story about a brave refugee family and their journey from Iran to Indonesia and then Australia. This film is made by three female students from Year 8 at Doveton College.

  • The Day They Met Clive

    A group of four friends discover something… or rather someone… that clay kind has not yet encountered before.

  • Paper Dreams

    In order to redeem himself from a deeply humiliating event, George must do the unthinkable – get really good at throwing paper balls into a bin.

  • Kate

    KATE visually explores the emotional trauma and suffering that can result from life changing experiences, such as a cancer diagnosis. The poetic documentary delves into the three stages of grief and recovery. Inspired by a true story.

  • Bumps

    Bumps seeks to highlight the talents and perspectives each of us bring to our community which should be embraced.

  • Retard

    Focusing on ability rather than disability, the documentary tells a personal story of a family and community that care for a teenage boy with cerebral palsy.

  • La Vie

    A young boy finds himself in a world between life and death.

  • Vinyl

    Things take a turn for the worse, when Jamie buys a cursed record.

    NOTE: This film features a mask and sound effects that may be scary to younger audiences.

  • Immersion

    Documenting photographer Levi Allan, Immersion explores how he captures the beauty and power of the ocean and seascape, and how this has helped him overcome personal issues.