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SAE FlickerUp 2018

The finalists short films in our National Schools competition for Primary & Secondary School students or Filmmakers under Eighteen Years of age.

Screening: Sat 20 Jan, 2pm | Duration: 104 min | Classification: Open all ages

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  • Connected

    Is a person really connected when using their mobile phone?

  • The Mute Button

    A student receives a remote control that allows her to make everyone she meets disappear.

  • Older Times Different Ways

    A year four class looks at the traditional lifestyle of Australia’s First People.

  • For Isabelle

    Isabelle has waved to the man upstairs everyday since she was little. She collects the little wooden animals he makes for her, even after he dies.

  • In The Dark

    Nothing goes to plan as a man tries to steal his victim’s handbag, as they walk the city streets in the dark.

  • Kindergangster

    A short comedy film that takes the crime-thriller genre and turns it on its head.

  • Rewind

    A young man signs up for a trial drug test, a drug that allows you to go back in time.

  • The Shackles You Cannot See

    A social comment about our modern society, and how, as people living in this new technological era, we are forever being controlled by the media, trapped in a supervisory society not unlike famous philosopher Jeremy Bentham’s panopticon.

  • Disposal

    It’s green bins tonight…

  • Monday

    A robot chases his work to the end of the earth in an attempt to hand it in on time.

  • King Jack

    A man with Alzheimer’s refers to himself as King Jack.

  • Cycle

    A boy rides up to the shops on his bike, but along the way, tragedy strikes. Armed with a second chance, can he make things right?

  • Sina And The Eel

    ‘Sina And The Eel’ is a paper cut animated film which explains the origins of the first coconut tree in Samoan mythology.

  • Pupils

    A troubled boy goes to school, surrounded by the blinded, and must decide whether to be a victim or a hero.

  • School But With A Ghoul

    A dark, surrealistic, non-linear animation with a humorous undertone.

  • Instafly

    A short film about an average guy gaining the ability to fly, through a new app, in hopes of getting to work faster and winning a bet with his work colleague.

  • A Gun Overload

    A Gun Overload outlines the complexity of the gun issue around the world.

  • The Medicine Of Salt

    A filmmaker/surfer’s connection to the Aboriginal community of Wreck Bay.

  • Prologue

    A writer struggles to pin down his narrative and so his fledgling characters struggle to cross the threshold between imagination and the solid world of the story.

  • Showtime

    When two street magicians turn up to perform at the same park, they must use their magical abilities to win over the audience.

  • Lost

    Is Angelica lost or is her mother?, or her mother’s phone?

  • iRony

    A film that explores the relationship between man and technology…told from the perspective of a phone.