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SAE FlickerUp 2020

The finalists short films in our National Schools competition for Primary; & Secondary School students or filmmakers eighteen years & under.

Screening: Sat 18 Jan, 2pm | Runtime: 101 mins | Classification: PG

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  • Giba

    It is Chance’s birthday and he is sent on a journey into the heart of Australia to protect a special rock.

  • Blokheist

    Two hapless bank robbers attempt to hold up their local bank.

  • Sacred Stones

    Aboriginal people have a deep connection to the land. One way they remain connected to the land is to represent the elements of the land through art.

  • The Long Drive Home

    A strange and mysterious night time journey home.

  • La Luna Trista

    A sad moon wants to make new friends.

  • The Penguin

    A little penguin has the dream that he can fly, he only needs to find a way.

  • I Need Space

    Tied together in the middle of a desert on the remote Titan Moon, volunteer colonists, Will and Lu, must persevere with ‘Project Relationship Rebuild for the sake of the colony.

  • Wanderlust

    A documentary which explores why people travel, as well as the benefits of doing so.

  • Eve

    Set in the near future in a society where all movements and tasks are performed for humans by paternalistic android figures.

  • Treasure Map

    Victor has found the location of the X as described on a treasure map.

  • Let Me In, Let Me In

    Fences stand between Lupe and friendship. Will he ever be welcomed in this new country?

  • The Bush Vampire

    A comedy silent short film set in the bush.

  • Symmetry

    We are a constantly evolving culture. The cities we live in, the jobs we have shape our direction in where we go, but are we heading in the right direction?

  • Hachiko

    A short animated retelling of the story of the loyal dog, Hachiko.

  • She Loves Me…

    The perfect recipe – Friday night, pizza, wine and that special someone.

  • Days Of The Future Past

    A boy goes back to the future past.

  • When We Were One

    When this world is forever torn apart, Will must find a way to hold on to Aimee and for them to once more be as one.

  • 718 Thousand Hours

    A spoken word poem motivating today’s youth to embrace life more and spend less time on their devices.

  • Miles Apart

    A teenager wrestles with a past event.

  • Trust Fall

    The loyalty of two friends will be tested as they each partake in a trust fall…

  • Pollution

    The devastating impacts us humans, are having on planet Earth.

  • Hello, World

    A curious robot ventures into strange new territories, discovering what it means to be human.

  • Pandemic; Margaret’s Experience

    In the 1950’s Australia was hit with the Polio epidemic. This documentary follows Margaret Saunders’ experience battling the crippling disease.

  • Image en Mouvement

    An experimental art film that explores the relationship between still and moving images, with inspiration from the French New Wave Movement.