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SAE FlickerUp 2019

The finalists short films in our National Schools competition for Primary & Secondary School students or Filmmakers under Eighteen Years of age.

Screening: Sat 19 Jan, 2pm | Duration: 116 min | Classification: Open all ages

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  • Mind Changer

    Brett goes into a transformer shop and turns himself into a tyre but then he is not so sure about his new look.

  • My Cat Has Issues

    My cat has issues. Yesterday he curiously disappeared.

  • #Liked

    One girl. One phone. One screen obsessed family. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Spending Time Wisely

    What do you know about time?

  • Gold Rush

    A school gets turned on its head when gold is found.

  • Water’s Spell

    Olga is a young witch who just wants to join the village children in their game.

  • Zombie Apocalypse

    The school has been hit by a meteorite. Half the class turns into zombies. How can we turn them back?

  • Chocolypse!

    A new choc bar is coming to town – but warning: it may contain traces of something strange!

  • Running Late

    Auditions for the talent search competition kick off at 10am sharp – don’t be late!

  • This Is Me.

    The poignant story of a young girl suffering exclusion, bullying and low self esteem.

  • Rosie

    Rosie experiences the pressure of the transition of moving out of school and into adulthood.

  • Elysian

    When a boy enters an idyllic simulation, the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur.

  • Anansi

    Potion master, Anansi, is a man of many faces. Which face will he show an innocent boy in search of a potion for his sick father?

  • Finals Night

    Late night surprise.

  • Pancakes

    A little boy writes a letter to his grandmother, trying to remind her of the special times they’ve shared.

  • Hitchcock Syndrome

    A strange disease leads two friends into a muddy world.

  • Clown In The Dumps

    Snuggles the Clown has been Natalie’s imaginary friend for 12 years. Today, Snuggles is getting dumped.

  • The Sound Silence Makes

    A young boy has his world and relationships change forever.

  • Leased

    A new neighbour moves in and it all turns sour after a horrific accident occurs.

  • Yours Before I Knew

    Two soulmates reincarnate as they find each other over and over again as lovers.

  • Dead Weight

    Sometimes you just can’t let go…

  • Why?

    A stop-motion clay man develops an understanding of his world and learns not to jump to conclusions so quickly.

  • When It Rains

    Love the rain – love me

  • Memory Palace

    When a boy loses his keys, he cunningly enters his ‘Memory Palace’ – a collection of every event in his life – where he can step from hour to hour in an instant.