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24th January 2024



It’s Wednesday and day 5 at Flickerfest and we have reached our halfway festival point. We’ve had a fabulously successful festival so far and we are excited to still have lots of incredible sessions to share. Catch some of the most clever and inspiring short films in the last two screenings of our official competition today!

At 6.30pm don’t miss our Best Of International Shorts 5 programme, featuring the heartwarming My Week With Maisy starring the legendary Joanna Lumley, and meet visiting UK director Mika Symmon’s, whose here to introduce her film. 

At 9pm enjoy an evening of films under the stars at our outdoor screening of the Best Of Australian Shorts 7, featuring the stunning animation Darwin Story – a love letter to the town where visiting director Natasha Tonkin grew up and AFTRS graduate Mobina Rowhani’s charming short Living With It, about a Lebanese Australian teen who is forced to do the unimaginable and confide in her dad

View today’s full programme and grab your tickets below!




At 10am don’t miss out on our AFTRS FlickerLab- our incredible One-Day Journey From Shorts To Features & Long-form Content!

The very popular and long-awaited FlickerLab returns, with a range of panels designed to enhance & develop your creative ideas and get your content noticed in the marketplace. 

Don’t miss out on the exceptional opportunity to meet talented and award-winning writers, directors, and producers at FlickerLab! Give a warm welcome to the Writer/Director/Actor Alice Englert (Bad Behaviour, Beautiful Creatures), Producer Jodi Matterson (The Dry, Wolf Like Me), Director Darlene Johnson (Bluey, Rabbit Proof Fence), Writer/Director Samuel Van Grinsven (Sequin in a Blue Room), Jessica Ellicott (Transmission Films), Ulysses Oliver (Lonesome), Ronnie S. Riskalla (Streets of Colour), Producer Mahveen Shahraki (The Rooster), Peter Skinner (Lost Boy), Fiona Williams (Managing Editor SBS Movies), Producer Jamie Hilton (Runt, Sleeping Beauty) & David Michôd (The King, The Rover, Animal Kingdom).

FlickerLab is presented by AFTRS


At 6.30pm, celebrate LGBTQI+ stories from around the world at our Rainbow Shorts competition.
Be the first to see the beautiful German award-winning short Slow Down the Fall from talented filmmaker Camille Tricaud, don’t miss out on the lovely Australian short Happy New Year, Ms. Luna and follow Luna, a young transfeminine woman, attending her family’s annual Chinese New Year gathering for the first time since her transition. And be amazed by the stunning award-winning Colombian short Flowers From Another Patio (Flores Del Otro Patio) from director Jorge Cadena: ‘In the north of Colombia, a group of queer activists use extravagant performative actions to denounce the disastrous exploitation by the country’s largest coal mine’.

Programme curated by award-winning queer filmmaker Craig Boreham.


ImageAt 9pm, laugh out loud under the stars of Bondi Pavilion at Short Laughs Comedy 1. Catch the fun Australian short Ashes written and directed by the Georgina Haig and starring the legendary Michael Caton. Go on a cringeworthy journey with a 90’s pop star and his boy band whose career may be long gone but their enthusiasm remains in the funky Career Day from the fantastic duo Jason Robinson & Chris Hooper.

And don’t miss the delightful Ministry of Jingle from writer and filmmaker Maddie Dai: Melody is the new hire at the Ministry of Jingle, a Government department in charge of creating public safety jingles about a range of topics; seatbelts, condoms, littering. She arrives ready to tackle her big anxieties and the world’s most complex problems.

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