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Best Of Australian Shorts 7 – 2023

The 7th of seven programmes featuring the best of Australian short films in competition.

Our home-grown talent battle it out for the prestigious Academy® qualifying award for Best Australian Short Film.

Screening: Wed 25 Jan, 9pm | Runtime: 113 mins | Classification: under 15 to be w/adult

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  • Waves

    Two friends, Sam and Ethel, play a fun game to reconnect at their local beach.

  • Game Face

     A woman gets a fresh perspective after meeting a funny and vibrant cast of characters at a confidence workshop for cancer patients.

  • Go With Grace

    In the early morning hours of New Year’s eve, Grace takes a walk to buy cigarettes and is confronted by the inescapable reminder that this world can be a precarious place for women.

  • Stream

    A near-future livestreamer, who broadcasts her dreams online, struggles with the violent fallout of her dwindling popularity.

  • White Lies

    When his well intentioned lies escalate and spiral out of control, Dave has to choose between having money and power, or being a good role model for his daughter.

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  • Six Of One

    When a young mother is overwhelmed by her new responsibilities, she takes off from her rural-suburban home, leaving her hard-partying husband to pick up the pieces. Starring Isobel Lucas (Transformers, Bosch & Rockett)

  • Tarneit

    Inspired by stories of a distant place, best friends Tyrone and Clinton must fight to find a way out of the harsh violence that swirls around them. Winner of the 2022 Iris Prize.

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  • Black Wing

    In rich Australian bushland, we find a Cormorant bird. She stands statuesque drying her wings and begins to guide us through her story.
    (out of competition)

  • Bangay Lore

    Baŋgay Lore, meaning spear in the Dyirabal language of Far North QLD, showcases how aboriginal culture is perceived when it is performed on stage, and when it is expressed in everyday society. Exploring limitations wrongly placed on the expression of aboriginal culture, it follows the journey of a young aboriginal dancer as he struggles with acceptance of his culture outside of the theatre.

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  • Opposites Day

    A runaway bride asks her life-long friend a question they’ve both been afraid to answer for years.