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Love Bites 2017

A quirky short journey through the joys & pitfalls of modern relationships.

Screening: Fri 13 Jan,6.30pm | Duration: 109 min | Classification: under 15 yrs to be w/adult

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  • Between The Lines

    Just as Kyoko is about to leave for Tokyo, her childhood friend Tomo, who wants her to stay, bids her farewell somewhat aggressively. Kyoko senses that he is going to confess his love for her.

  • Apolo81

    Apolo81 walks into an apparently normal bar. He throws the dice and chooses his rival: Caperucita_Love, legendary and dreaded in equal measure. So a game begins in which both players have their cards and the setting is the board. Caperucita, a top-level expert player, looks bound to win. Love is the name of the game and Apolo81 is going to stake everything on one card. Beating his opponent means winning her over. Will he manage it?

  • Conscious

    He broke her, she fixed him. To truly know where the edge is you have to go over. She loved so deeply that his eyes closed as she fell asleep.  When it comes to love, there’s different ways to fall. Sometimes you have to bleed, to know you have a heart. Sometimes you have to ache, to know you have a soul. Sometimes you have to hate, to know you can love.

  • Gorilla

    Hollywood, 1952. Henry Corso performs as a costumed gorilla on horror movies and adventure movies. For Jungle Jenna, he must terrorize the leading actress lost in a fake jungle. But scaring the woman he desires is going to be particularly tricky for the gorilla man.

  • I Know Jake Gyllenhaal Is Going To F*** My Girlfriend

    When Sean learns that his girlfriend has a crush on actor Jake Gyllenhaal, his paranoia manifests their unlikely meeting.

  • Late Moves

    An innocent drink between two old friends reveals an infatuation with the past, a fear of the present, and the possibility of a future. Late Moves is a romantic comedy about coulda and shoulda. It’s about two people being right for each other, but it’s always the wrong time. It’s about facing the moment you’ve always hoped for, and not being sure if you’re ready.

  • The Letter

    The film follows the story of Leila Ahmed, a British anti-war activist, and how she copes with being separated from a lover. As her relationships with those around her start to isolate Leila from the world, Leila resorts to writing personal letters to her estranged partner to deal with her grief. The Letter follows Leila’s story as she finds herself a part of one of the most unlikely love stories of the modern era – inspired by real life events.

  • Oasis

    It is the summer of ’93 and awkward teenager Dale has been dragged along by his parents to a caravan park. One night as he finishes up in the shower block Dale’s secret crush, the hot older backpacker Jake arrives and strips off for a shower. Remembering the disposable camera in his bum bag and driven by his secret desire, Dale makes the dubious decision to try and take an opportunistic snap.

  • The Spa

    When retiree Don declares he no longer wants the new spa he’s just ordered, Ivan the deliveryman suspects there’s more to the story than Don is willing to admit.

  • Til Death Do Us Part

    A game of cat and mouse ensues when it turns out that the joint suicide planned by elderly couple Alfred and Maris was merely an attempt by either one to get rid of their partner.

  • Perfect Pair

    On a city park bench, a lonely office worker is drawn into the world of a mysterious illustrator.

  • Tredje Dejten (The Third Date)

    Robbe and his newfound love interest Petra are having dinner at her place, but a series of mishaps turn the date into something neither of them had prepared for.