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SAE FlickerUp Youth Shorts – 2021

The finalists short films in our National Schools competition for Primary; & Secondary School students or filmmakers eighteen years & under.

Screening: Sat 30 Jan, 4pm | Runtime: 110 mins | Classification: PG

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  • The Package

    A mysterious package arrives at the door.

  • The Great Singer

    A young student realises that he is a great singer and decides to put on a concert.

  • I Will Be Me

    My name is Phoebe and I enjoy going to the beach, reading and painting. I am also deaf. Come on a journey with Phoebe into a world with no sound. Developed and created by Grade 5 students at Table Cape Primary School.

  • The Candy Rappers

    A joyful and heartbreaking film about a boy with cancer, his bond with his music therapist, and the uplifting rap group they formed.

  • The Chase

    A boy chases a monkey wearing a suit and red shoes.

  • Listen To Our Elders

    We have so much to learn from our elders if we listen.

  • The Dressing Room

    A young performer must confront her own fear of performing. Will she succeed and walk onto the stage or give in to her dysphoria?

  • The Diet

    A man’s psychological demise as he struggles to stick to his diet.

  • Mind Of My Own

    I take the viewer on a journey through my world. I use animation to distort the everyday and challenge the audience’s conceptualisation of their surroundings. By juxtaposing realistic aspects with the imaginative, I show the interaction of objects and ideas that are beyond the ordinary.

  • Hermione

    Inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, this is the story of Hermione who lives alone and slowly turns to stone as she distances herself from the memories of her family and society until events change her.

  • Material Girl

    In the inner-west of Sydney, the fashionable and luxurious lifestyle of Sunny Sunshine all starts in the Fabric City Fabric Shop.

  • Unraveling

    Exploring the emotions in a young relationship through the frame of a single interaction.

  • The Very Last Mandarin

    What happens to the very last mandarin?

  • The Cycle

    An exploration of the repetitious monotony of modern life, our protagonist finding freedom through the unlikely discovery of an idle bicycle.

  • Round To It

    Encapsulating the psychological journey of an Australian farmer, Jack, as his failing relationship with his family is mirrored by tedious farming implications.

  • A Blob’s Journey

    A hungry little blob is on a mission to catch the grape, but life’s challenges keep getting in the way.

  • Changing Tides

    Exploring the culture of female surfers in the town of Lennox Head.

  • Connection

    In the world of technology, youth and evolution sometimes we forget to put our phone down and disconnect.

  • Ability

    Chad Graham, a C6 quadriplegic, who at 16 took a bad jump while racing motocross and broke his neck tells the story of how he came to be in a wheelchair and how he found wheelchair rugby.

  • Ticket To The Skies

    On a snowy day, a young girl is just trying to get the train home. When her luck decides to turn against her, she makes an unlikely friend.

  • Get Out Of Your Head

    A teenage girl, who has to overcome personal obstacles and accept oneself.

  • La Torta

    A woman who embarks on a delightful journey to simply give thanks to Mother Earth.

  • Reawakened

    When all is ruined, life will move on.

  • Children Of The Dust

    A girl searches for the father she never met.

  • Peculiar Things To See

    A young girl sees colours in a black and white world, but her parents can’t. It is up to her power to create a new perspective for them.

  • The Announcement

    Rumours are a plenty, after an announcement lets a class know that the girl’s toilet block is being closed. Why are they being closed? What could possibly have happened?