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Best Of Australian Shorts – 2018 Tour

This programme is a specially curated selection of highlights from Flickerfest’s Australian Academy® Accredited competition programmes in Bondi 2018.

Flickerfest, celebrating 27 years bringing you the Best of Australian shorts! ‘Now That’s A Short Film’,

Screening at 50+ venues nationally! Check on our Tour Info page for your local venue contacts & info.

*This programme contains mature themes & is not recommended for children under 15.
Classification: Children under 15yrs must be accompanied by an adult.
*Times & Prices may change, please check with the venue.

Download: Best Of Australian Shorts tour programme (print version here)

WA regional venues: ‘Deighties‘ added to start

Newcastle: ‘Melon Grab‘ replaces ‘Two Bites’

Brisbane: ‘Maddie &Marc‘ added after ‘Lost Property Office’

Brisbane: ‘The Baby Whisperer‘ replaces ‘Two Bites’

Perth: ‘Let’s See How Fast This Baby Will Go‘ added after Lost Property Office (in Perth only)

Maryborough: ‘Apricot‘ added to start

Gold Coast: ‘Mother, Child‘ added to start

Gold Coast: ‘Patty Love Sick‘ replaces ‘Two Bites’

Coffs Harbour: ‘Gwen‘ added to start

Griffith: ‘Your Call Is Important To Us‘ added to start

NT venues: ‘After All‘ replaces ‘Lost Property Office’; & ‘Coat Of Arms‘ replaces ‘Two Bites’

Huskisson: ‘Buoy‘ replaces Martha The Monster

VIC venues: ‘Second Best‘ to be replaced in Vic venues

Canberra, Adelaide & Merimbula: ‘After All‘ replaces ‘Lost Property Office’

Parramatta: ‘Apricot‘ and ‘One Shot‘ replace ‘Two Bites’

Cairns: ‘Baby Whisperer‘ added to start

Screening: On Tour | Running Time: 111 min | Classification: under 15yrs to be w/adult

  • Lost Property Office

    Ed is the sole custodian of the Lost Property Office. In many ways, he’s lost as the items he is tasked to look after.

  • Kill Off

    American Horror Story’s Jamie Brewer stars as Sonja, a woman with an intellectual disability who forms an unlikely friendship with a Sudanese refugee through their mutual love of KRUMP.

  • Martha The Monster

    In an upside-down world where humans live alongside monsters, Martha, a 20-something furry, is having a major crisis.

  • Second Best

    ‘Second Best’ is a dark comedy about the power of identical twin sisters and the unbreakable bond that binds them, no matter what might try and come between.

  • Two Bites

    Maudie has lived a long eccentric life filled with travel and adventure. As her imminent death approaches her eager family descend on her heirloom-filled home.

  • Miro

    When Miro returns home at the end of WWII, he finds his land taken, his daughter stolen, his people relocated and his service record treated with contempt.

  • Fysh

    This is the story of an old man and a fish that changed his life.