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SAE FlickerUp 2014

The finalist short films in our National competition for primary and secondary school students or filmmakers under 18 years old.

Screening: Sat 18 Jan, 2pm | Running Time: 105 min | Classification: all ages

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  • Yellow And Blue

    Once upon a time in the not too distant future past lived a lone one eyed yellow alien on a beautiful yellow planet and a lone three eyed blue alien on a beautiful blue planet.

  • Visiting Grandpa

    My name is Mick and I enjoy lots of exciting activities but not the activity of visiting Grandpa every Sunday; that is until I find a photo album and discover I have more in common with Grandpa than I can imagine.

  • On The Bright Side

    The Grizzleguts, with their glass-half-empty attitude, see the world around them as grey and silent. When they get a visit from Mr Arthur Glass-half-full, they learn to see the world’s colours and hear its music.

  • How The Koala Lost Its Tail

    A parable about working together told as a dreamtime story.

  • Ups And Downs

    When they get sent out of class, three boys meet up in a lift hoping that the day can’t get any worse… Then the doors open.

  • The Bushrangers

    Sheriff Cecil Spittoon is raging. Once again he has failed to nab Ned Smelly, the last of the famous Smelly clan, but he did get Ned’s sister, Kelly.

  • An Unexpected Occurance

    Nature provides a catalyst for humans to reconsider their use of its resources. The beauty and freedom experienced by a forest creature in their natural habitat is threatened by a plan for a timber mill. The creature collides with the overseer responsible for the logging of the forest but the collision results in an alteration of the plans with the acknowledgment of the creature’s need for a safe habitat.

  • The Underdog

    The Underdog is a full CG animation about a humanoid robot that is an inventor. The film consists of the robot finding an invention competition flyer and then inventing a toothbrush. The animation is humorous as the robot doesn’t realize his invention is not original until the end when viewing an advertisement for toothbrushes.

  • The Two Of Us

    When Daniel tries to deal with family problems, his shadow helps him to overcome the dark times and look up to lighter ones. His shadow remains always beside him, every step of the way.

  • Chained Freedom

    A disengaged student dreams of the freedom he could be experiencing if he was not cooped up in a country school classroom.

  • I Wish

    When a boy gets sent home from school, he reflects on decisions that he could have made differently.

  • Your Own Beat

    Exploring the idea of superficiality and the judgmental nature of society; this narrative presents a passionate protagonist who is uninhibited and quirky; using the city of Sydney as the backdrop.

  • Last Letter

    Toby is a sixteen-year-old boy who has recently lost his mother. Toby goes on a family holiday, when they arrive at their destination he is given a letter from his recently deceased mother.

  • The Big Game

    Felix and his dad love footy and tonight they might actually be going. As the Big Game approaches, however, Felix begins to realise that it’s hard being tough all the time.

  • Lucid

    The line between dreams and reality is often blurred. How do we know whether we are really awake or lucid dreaming?

  • Legoland

    Legoland is an experimental short film; an exploration of what it’s like to live on a Housing Commission estate. Using infrared black-and-white imagery and a whispered narration, Legoland invites the viewer to find the beauty in a place they would probably prefer not to go.

  • Revere

    Revere investigates the idea that before we die, our lives might be comprehended in a series of moments. These moments are captured throughout the eyes of Tom, capturing his most banal and precious memories from childhood friends to his son’s wedding day.

  • Parallel

    A boy on his way to school finds a parallel version of his day.

  • The End

    A hallucinating man undergoes a confusing experience involving multiple unsettling flashbacks. He is unaware he may have murdered his estranged wife while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

  • Flying In Circles

    A teenage boy struggles to deal with the restrictions of adult life. Escaping to the world of his imagination, he realises that everyone is flying in a never ending circle. In time he rediscovers the joy and freedom of childhood.

  • In Search Of Paradise

    Plagued by the loss of her brother to a tragic accident, and abandoned by her boyfriend, Sarah struggles to make sense of her life. However, her search for answers leads to a shocking unveiling of the awful truth.

  • Ugly Story

    Short kinetic typography set to music based on Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck, following the storyline of Eridan Ampora through being a revered prince to a lonely outcast and finally a murderer.

  • On Track: Scott Reardon

    On Track is a compelling documentary exploring the career of Australian paralympian Scott Reardon.

  • Lucy And The Lightbulbs

    Lucy is sad and alone… until a boy gives her a lightbulb and lights up her life.