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Mullum Community Screening

Flickerfest is thrilled to present a special free community short film screening, to inspire and support our local community with a night of uplifting stories, featuring unique characters from at home and across the Northern Rivers. This programme is suitable for all ages.

This inspiring short film programme will feature highlights from Flickerfest’s Best of Australian shorts programme, not previously screened in the Northern Rivers. Joining them will be an incredible collection of award winning Northern Rivers shorts from the Byron All Shorts competition.

Flickerfest is also excited to premiere a brand new music video, produced by esteemed locals One Vision Productions in these spring school holidays. The workshop brought flood affected youth together to tell their stories. The workshop participants will be present on the night to present their work.

The One Vision school holiday workshop and Flickerfest screening is supported by the Office for Regional Youth Holiday Break Program in partnership with Create NSW.

Download: Mullum Community Screening programme pdf

View: Mullum Community Screening sizzle reel

Screening: On Tour | Running Time: 97 min +local youth & OVP intro & film | Classification: General

Sponsored by

  • No Matter What

    One Vision Productions unites with South Lismore Public School to highlight their plights through the floods, and how they rose up together… No matter what!

  • Scripted

    In conjunction with Flickerfest, One Vision Productions brings it’s Spring Holiday Youth Program, highlighting the youth’s most critical current issue, and their transcendence beyond their recent troubled time.

  • Tribe

    Tribe ‘The thing that bonds us are what we do together’.
    Travelling along the railway to meet friends only to be confronted by others, ‘the tightrope of youth and surviving and thriving’. A showcase of local youth and exposé of their Circus skills.

  • Bama

    After the first day of private school in the city, a young aboriginal boy reflects on his fear of losing the magic of family and community after being so far away from them.

    View Trailer here

  • The Rock Pool Waltz

    During COVID lockdown, a boy’s affinity with nature eases his loneliness and leads to an incredible friendship.

  • You Know How He Is

    When 10 year old Otis is given the task of looking after his autistic younger brother, a game of tag with friends becomes a test of his integrity.

    View Trailer

  • The Rise

    A pre-apocalyptic sci-fi drama that explores the climate crisis from the perspective of young Jonah as he navigates an unknown future where a sudden climate event threatens his whole world. The Rise is a modern day myth that speaks to the existential angst of our times and explores how the threat of environmental collapse weighs on the shoulders of our young people.

  • It Sets You Free

    A man set in routine and trapped by addiction learns to be free in this pixar-inspired short comedy.

  • Alba

    An aspiring Peruvian-Australian performer must decide whether she’s dancing for others, or for herself. Alba is a story of diaspora and coming of age, illustrated through the traditional Marinera dance.

  • You And Me, Before And After

    Two adult sisters who love each other learn to like each other while getting their first tattoos.

    View Trailer

  • Lost Contact

    Aldo has always felt like a being from another planet, stranded on Earth. His autism and long struggle to speak fluently alienated him from others. Now, he searches for meaning in the esoteric and for connection with people like himself.

  • Tinashé

    After Tinashé, a sweet, but lost teenager gets kicked out of home, he moves into his chaotic best friend’s bed whilst attempting to navigate adulthood and love for the first time.

  • Wanmari

    A Ngalakgan woman from Ngukurr, NT, just wants to catch a nailfish at her favourite fishing spot, Wanmari. But her family are thwarting her plans. When she sees an eagle, her grandfather’s dreaming, she remembers to use the knowledge she has of Country and soon, good luck comes her way.

    View Trailer