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FlickerUp Youth Shorts – 2024

The finalists short films in our National Youth competition for school students & filmmakers eighteen years & under.

Screening: Sat 27 Jan, 4pm | Runtime: 113 mins | Classification: PG

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  • Brunch

    An ode to Charlie Chaplin.

  • Moments

    Living in the moment: the difference between being present and observing life. the importance of not taking the little things in life for granted.

  • Women Will Never…

    Women Will Never.. is an ironic title celebrating in animation the great achievements made by women in space, science and politics.

  • Fever Bloom

    A young man becomes obsessed with a woman after a brief encounter in a laundromat, dreaming of what could be between the two of them.

  • Tea’s Ready

    Exploring how tea culture in Turkey holds a significant role within the lives of Turkish people, always surrounding them and bringing them together.

  • Chrysalis

    A boy finds something invaluable in the water.

  • The Noonday Demon

    Buckle up for a wild ride. Friends decide to catch a bus away from their adolescent lives and end up meeting bald-worshiping cultists, demonic bus drivers, and opal-card-tapping schoolchildren.

  • Beautiful

    Within the comforts of his home, a young man is taken on an uncomfortable yet expansive journey by his past experiences to ultimately determine a word which encompasses the entire human experience.

  • Stationary Story

    Stationery equipment comes into life. A pencil who was always been the owner’s favourite has been replaced with a pen. What will Pencil do to reclaim the top spot?

  • The Earth Dies Screaming

    The earth brings to light the threat of global warming on our earth. Enjoy!

  • My Dead Birthday

    Alone on his birthday when no one shows up to his party, Timmy embarks on a journey that ultimately reunites him with his loved ones for a heart-warming celebration.

  • Riding Against Time

    Following the perspectives of older skateboarders as they navigate their sense of belonging and connection within the sport as their bodies and minds change.

  • The Youth Have A Voice

    With the rise of social media and education, youth are constantly becoming more educated in current affairs and politics. It’s time to hear what we have to say; it’s time to lower the voting age.

  • Beyond The Rim

    A short film about true grit.

  • Self Portrait

    A painter paints portraits of dying patients for their funeral.

  • Hexad: Untouched

    Exploring the spaces where nature and humanity connect and collide.

  • I Am

    Exploring teenage self-esteem, body issues and rising above adversity.

  • The Locket

    Influencers Emelia and Brook go in search of a grave that has mysteriously gone viral. Capturing everything on their phone, as the horrors unfold.
    *Supernatural themes

  • Submerged

    A poetic documentary about teenage mental illness.

  • (Dis)Connected

    Follow the journey of a boy who struggles to connect in our digital world.

  • My Black Box

    An experimental film that comments on the construction of psychological distortion as an entanglement of both positive and traumatic and, nonetheless, formative experiences of one’s life and their environment.

  • Substratum

    A young heir to a dictatorship navigates an isolated world of power and control. A solitary gesture of peace leads to tragic revelations in this stark allegory of inherited violence and the urgent need for empathy.

  • Subtly In Bloom

    A reflection on experiences as a woman and cultural commentary on stereotypical portrayals of women in film. Inspired by film noir, Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests and Joseph Cornell’s The Midnight Party. The film explores female representations using unique imagery and symbolism.

  • Pasta Privilege

    Emma, Ethan and Angus are three average high school students fed up with the social hierarchy. But when they make an unexpected discovery, things may be about to change.  *Coarse language

  • Hot Chip

    The only thing Gab loves more than a hot chip is a whole basket full of crispy, steamy, salty hot chips. But Gab is not the only one. On the perilous road to hot chip heaven, our hero must face a ravenous, grey-feathered foe. The stage is set for a brutal battle of child against beast. When the chips are down, the chips get hot.